Make-up tutorials.

2:28 p. m.

I just write this post in English because if you want to learn these make-up tutorials you’ll need to speak it, ‘cause all them are in English. I don’t use to talk about make-up and beauty in my blog but I’ve found these great make-up tutorials in Youtube with 100+ tutorials! And all they are great!

All they’re done by an English girl, and I think that the most interesting is that she does celebrity-inspired tutorials. I don’t know if you remember that some days ago I talked about Lady Gaga and I put the video “Beautiful dirty rich” (you can watch it here). So well, Lauren Luke, the girl that does this make-up tutorials, has got a Youtube account that I want to share with all you because you always read me and follow me, so if I find something great, there’s nobody better to share it with.

Here you’ve got all make-up tutorials.

Celebrity inspired tutorials.

Lauren Luke’s website.

Lady Gaga “Beautiful dirty rich” inspired tutorial.

Lady Gaga “Just dance” inspired tutorial.

How to do Amy Winehouse eyeliner.

Stunning. Kylie Minogue “In my arms” inspired tutorial.

That’s all! Thanks for reading and don’t forget opine!

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